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  owen (nosgamnewo says ...

Subject: anthem of the weekend

"okay then doods,just uploaded schmed and ""my way"",sorry its not the whole song......and sorry about the quality,but it was on my phone......i dont think its ever to be forgotten.......cheers schmed...... where you will find it on the file selection.....


02-Jun-2006 13:52:00

Lizzie whizz

Subject: Schools Out

I've emailed my phone video of Schools Out to Gerrie for Colin to see if he can put it on the website although from what Nickie says the quality may not be very good - looked good on the phone though!!!!

02-Jun-2006 14:42:00

Adam Berry - SAXON

Subject: Rock of Ages

"Looks like the next do we will need to hire a film crew and make a Kentie DVD. Then, if we are really Crazzzy, put it on general release, make loads of dosh then buy Kent School.....Its a blooming long shot..but thats what dreams are for."

02-Jun-2006 15:10:00

Adam Berry - SAXON

Subject: Schools out

"Blimey, What am I listening to on radio 2 at the moment? Its a"

02-Jun-2006 16:29:00
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