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  Dave Mac () says ...

Subject: Mini Re-U 07

"1. Shall we?
2. Where?
3. When?
4. Why not?

How about a visit up North (Skeggy is NOT up North). Leeds is wicked, loads of hotels, loads of clubs/boozers or how about Newcastle?"

01-May-2007 23:40:00

sarah strawson

Subject: Mini RU

Leeds sounds fine lets name a date and get it organised

04-May-2007 20:27:00


Subject: Re-union 2007 oop north

Love the idea - and please keep in touch about it! More than happy to publicise a northern event for Kenties via this website - we have another Hastings event for this year on the website at the moment. The more the merrier!

07-May-2007 14:05:00

Dave Mac

Subject: Change of Venue

"Well most Kenties were shite at geography so why not have the mini re-un at Hastings in September - you know, Hastings, south of Yorkshire - some shit went down there about 1066, some geezer got his eye put out, or somefink like that - I'm sure we'll get the blame anyway - so just to confirm - NORTH is off - and SOUTH is on for September."

07-May-2007 18:00:00

Paul Smith

Subject: RE: Mini Re-U 07

Somebody must have listened to Mr England but lees of decrying Ma Forers abilities

18-Aug-2007 14:49:40

Beverley Stannett
beverley.smith123 [at]

Subject: RE: Mini Re-U 07

Any chance of a reunion soon and does anyone know if you can just walk around the school grounds or do oyu need permission

05-Aug-2010 12:28:36
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