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  Hi De Di (dialex [at] says ...

Subject: The little 'Big' One (50th)

Wishing you a very, very happy and drunk'n Birthday Saturday PJ. Have a blast and remember to keep the negatives!

Home puter still in pieces hence early notice.

Love Di

25-Jul-2008 13:15:35

Bev Reeves
bevreeves2005 [at]

Subject: birthday girl

Have a great one, don't get too drunk hehe.

Bev x

26-Jul-2008 13:53:22

Golden Oldie PJ
janemargaretuk [at]

Subject: ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for the lovely text messages and messages on here - I'll post any photos to the webmaster! PARTTTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYY xxxxxxxxxx

26-Jul-2008 17:40:36

Gerrie Maber
gerrie [at]

Subject: RE: The little

as always....a day late.....strauss was 3 yesterday.....forgot his too!!! tsk tsk....anyway hope the head doen't hurt too much today and that yesterday was a blast.x.x.


27-Jul-2008 22:01:01
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