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  Di (dialex says ...

Subject: Happy Birthday Jane

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday PJ. No doubt you'll manage to sink the odd one or two in the traditional manner.


25-Jul-2005 20:11:00

Party Jane

Subject: Birthday

Thanks Hi De Di - I'm being taken away for the weekend so will do my best ( in the traditions of an ex kentie) to demolish a small wine lake!
We'll arrange a get together ASAP - so if anyone is planning to be in the Cheltenham area in the near future?

25-Jul-2005 21:44:00

Sylvia & Neil

Subject: Happy Birthday

"Happy Birthday Jane,
Make sure you have a few for us! Looking forward to seeing all at the next reunion.

Neil & Sylv

25-Jul-2005 21:47:00

Colin and Pat

Subject: Happy birthday

Happy birthday PJ - be sure to keep everyone updated about that Cheltenham date! You can't have that wine lake all to yourself.

26-Jul-2005 11:04:00


Subject: Hicky burpday!

Hope you had a good-un Janey.. take care
Caz x

27-Jul-2005 18:43:00
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