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  Sylv & Neil (neilsylvia says ...

Subject: Happy Birthday Di

Won't be here for your birthday, and won't have access to a computer.

Have a wonderful day, have a drink for us.

Loads of love

Sylv & Neil

22-Jun-2005 16:25:34


Subject: happy bday di

Wishing you a happy bday too di, hope you have a great one. Paul

22-Jun-2005 23:10:06

Colin the ShirtWebMeister

Subject: And lookingso young too!

All the best for the big day - I'll be there soon too! Happy birthday to yoooooooooooooooooooou

23-Jun-2005 17:29:44


Subject: Belated Wishes

Hope you had a great day Di and the hangover has subsided to a gentle scream.
Take care xx

26-Jun-2005 14:47:35


Subject: Fanks

Just wanted to say fanks for all the birthday wishes and text messages this old timer received for the 25th. Pity I couldn't make Salisbury but whilst Alex was going to pay for a weekend away, well I have to make the most of it (don't think he'll read this page - hehehe). Cheers

27-Jun-2005 22:04:19
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