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  Di (dialex says ...

Subject: Hippy Bird-day - Plaidy

Hi Paul

Many happy returns. Have a great day and please don't get drunk and have a hangover.......... just get drunk (hehehe)

Love Di

19-Oct-2006 13:53:00


Subject: Party animal!!

Hey hun..
Hope you had a great night out clubbing.. you know you wanted to! How many candles are we up to now??? Just hope both you and your phone survived the onslaught. Hope to see you soon. Take care.. miss ya! x

20-Oct-2006 00:17:00

PJ and Steve

Subject: still clubbing?

Happy Birthday plaidy - hope to see you again soon


Party Jane and Steve Barros

20-Oct-2006 18:31:00


Subject: Cheers guys

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. Youll be pleased to hear that i have survived the birthday celebrations with myself and my phone intact..well in truth im hurting slightly!! Saying that i think theres another night of chaos planned. Hope to catch up with as many of you as possible in swindon.


21-Oct-2006 14:29:00
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