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  Caz (caz says ...

Subject: Hoppidy Burfday Shirty!

I know you've had a great day Colin and been spoilt rotten! Keep smilin and i'll catch up soon. take care .. Caz x

18-Aug-2006 02:40:00


Subject: birthday

sorry its a belated one.........but HAPPY BIRTHDAY colin hope you had a nice day. all the best..........owen

20-Aug-2006 15:16:00

lizzie whizz

Subject: happy birthday shirty

sorry - belated birthday wishes from us too xx

21-Aug-2006 12:42:00


Subject: Thanks folks

Another year ... and so nice to come back from some time in Cornwall to lovely birthday greetings from such special friends. Keep smiling and wahay the Pirates ...

22-Aug-2006 17:08:00


Subject: Late again

Belated happy returns amigo.
Home improvements

01-Sep-2006 18:32:00

Dave Mac

Subject: RE: Hoppidy Burfday Shirty!

Welcome back - it's good to have you the same age as me again - that 15 day window you have each year makes me feel so old. Hope you had a good one this year (2008) - you've gone very quiet - surely you still can't be in the sack after your wedding - you're getting on a bit you know!!

18-Aug-2008 19:39:29

Dave Mac

Subject: RE: Hoppidy Burfday Shirty!

And here's another one coming ............ Happy Birthday Colin. You've now got 365 days to plan for the big FIVE O next year. I'm hoping to be a long way away for mine. Enjoy the day mate and hope you are well.

16-Aug-2009 23:24:49

Dave Mac

Subject: RE: Hoppidy Burfday Shirty!

I didn't forget mate - hope you had a great 50th birthday.

17-Aug-2010 20:20:12

caz [at]

Subject: RE: Hoppidy Burfday Shirty!

50??? You can't be.. hope you had a blast!
will be in touch soon, so many of life's changes.. hope the half century brings you many more pleasures x

18-Aug-2010 13:52:00
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