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  owen (you know [at] where) says ...

Subject: Happy Birthday Cazzy

"Cazzy hun,hope you have a fantastic day,, put your feet up and crack your whip deserve it.loads of hugs n cuddles....O xxxxxx"

13-Jan-2007 00:13:00


Subject: whos made the cake????/

do you have to do your own cake?????? have a good 'un see you soon.x.x.

13-Jan-2007 09:27:00


Subject: Birthday Girl

Make the most of putting the feet up and doing nothing for the day - except raising a few glasses everyone now and then........

Birthday hugs Caz (xx)

13-Jan-2007 16:10:00

Sarah Strawson

Subject: Hippy... Hoppy ...Happy... Birthday Caz

Happy Birthday Caz - have a good one loads of love - Sarah xxxxxxxxx

13-Jan-2007 16:51:00

Colin and Pat


"I'm sure the cake was divine- I'm sure the drink was drunk - I'm sure the day was special. Happy birthday smiler. As I always say, forget the past as it's already happened. Forget the future as those things have yet to be experienced. Forget the present as I didn't get you one .........."

14-Jan-2007 09:47:00


Subject: Birthday

Happy belated birthday - sorry it's late but better late than never. Hope you had a good one and are not still recovering!!. Take care and see you soon. xx

16-Jan-2007 10:15:00


Subject: Fully recovered!

"Thank you all for you B'day wishes.. Had a brill day! Defrosted a gateau left from Chrimbo for the cake (planned ahead!), went to Sywell areodrome for Steve's works do, started in the bar.. couple of glasses raised and a glass of bubbly, into the hangar for the evening for a carvery meal, band sang Happy B'day for me, onto the vodka ice luge for a tipple, more glasses raised, cracked the whip on the dance floor most of the night, back to bar when party over with bottle of table red in hand, back to hotel room with supported friends in tow... sod it have just one more tipple, friends staggered back to own room then zzzzzzzzzz about 4am. Sunday? What happened to Sunday??? Serves me right for taking advantage of an open bar! So yup, a brill day! Still smilin and can now operate a keyboard with two fingers!... xxxx"

17-Jan-2007 11:50:00

PJ and Steve

Subject: belated greetings

"Sorry my birthday wishes are a little late, but I was in Morocco for the weekend and have only just logged on to the site - however ""HAPPY BIRTHDAY"" Caz, It sounds like you had a great time! with much love, Jane and Steve "

18-Jan-2007 08:12:00



Even more belated birthday wishes babe...I trust you had an absolute blinder you deserve it girl!!!will stick the date in me diary for next year so dont forget. PX

18-Jan-2007 19:38:00
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