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  Di (dialex says ...

Subject: Liz - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Liz. Bet today's birthday cake tastes nothing like those from Chatham days - remember that awful marmalade stuff they used as the filling..... !!!

13-Jan-2006 05:14:00


Subject: Hiccy Burfday!

Hi Lyzz ..
From one birthday girl to another.. hope you had a brilliant day! X

14-Jan-2006 03:27:00

Colin the ShirtWebMeister

Subject: Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to my favourite stage bird! Hope everything is going well with you and your crew in Wales - must update us soon!

16-Jan-2006 16:00:00

Elizabeth Green
marting [at]

Subject: RE: Liz - Happy Birthday

Thanks you guys. recovering from the Girl flu!! Hope you've all avoided it. Love Liz quite an old bird now, Colin. x

22-Jan-2008 18:48:15
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