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  Nick Speight (nicksp8 says ...

Subject: Nick Speight's 40th birthday party

"Yes, you did read that right - I know I don't look a day over........50??
I'm arranging a big party to celebrate my milestone and I'd like to see as many of you there as can make it. Dave, I'm sorry it's not up north but I can't really help that.
I've sent an email to all of you that I have addresses for. If anybody has been missed out, I apologise, it was not intentional. More information will be forthcoming but the date, venue details and time are on the Year Planner so I'm not sure how much more information there can be!
Please contact me if you're coming or are thinking about it. I would love to see a good crowd. I hope to hear from you."

07-May-2007 15:12:13


Subject: 40 candles!!

"yeah, i'll think about it.
Ok thinking time over.. YUP YUP YUPPITY YUP!...
Great, looking forward to it already."

07-May-2007 15:19:12

me there

Subject: Nicks 40th Birthday Party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You old fart !!!!!!!! 'corse i'll be there ...i'll even bring my saw to help with the loft ><

07-May-2007 17:39:59

Dave Mac

Subject: The Battle of .............................. Round 2

"Well most Kenties were shite at geography so why not have the mini re-un at Hastings in September - you know, Hastings, south of Yorkshire - some shit went down there about 1066, some geezer got his eye put out, or somefink like that - I'm sure we'll get the blame anyway - so just to confirm - NORTH is off - and SOUTH is on for September.

07-May-2007 18:09:56


Subject: 40 - oh so young!

Date penned in ahead of anything else. I'll just tell 'him in doors' it's a twitchers weekend and I'll get away with it - hehehe
How many sleeps?

07-May-2007 18:51:30


Subject: Are we nearly there yet ...................

Count me in a little bit of adjusting to sort out and should be tickety boo .......

07-May-2007 22:05:19

Colin and Pat

Subject: Me and the missus ....

".... are up for it! We're booked up already and packing as I type. Multi-tasking! Not bad for an old 'un. Anyways, you don't look a day over 47 ..."

08-May-2007 01:08:18

bevreeves2005 [at]

Subject: Party time!!!

New puppy is due maybe 2nd week in September (not conceived yet)!! - that is such bad planning!! But if puppy is any later then I'll be there......

09-May-2007 21:45:56

Dave Mac

Subject: Best Excuse Ever

Bev - that is the best excuse I've ever heard. I doubt it will ever be topped!

10-May-2007 11:22:22


Subject: Excuses!!

"Excuses - not me!! I could always bring the puppy with me, it would be good for socialisation LOL"

11-May-2007 01:43:59

Dave Mac

Subject: Doggie Style

Now you're getting mucky - not sure whether the Kenties can cope with that sort of thing!

11-May-2007 08:07:52

Party Jane and Steve
janemargaretuk [at]

Subject: PARTTTTttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Hi Nick Count us in! Can't wait to see you all again. Will there be special ReU T shirts for the occassion? Cheers PJ and Steve

16-May-2007 11:06:43

philmcglass [at]

Subject: I remember being 40

... will be there. If I can find my way hehe.

16-May-2007 17:35:01


Subject: "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry"

"Sorry - just heard pups are due on the 21st July which means we'll be picking the new puppy up on the 15th September!!! Gutted to say the least, it's even different ends of the bloody country. I'm sure you'll all have a great time and I look forward to seeing the pics."

19-Jun-2007 19:27:17

Caz Streeter
caz [at]

Subject: 60 more sleeeeeeeeeeeps!!

That's all! x

16-Jul-2007 15:01:53

Nick Speight
nicksp8 [at]

Subject: 40th Party - Update

Hello everybody. I'm sending emails to people as well but thought I'd post this too! Party is all sorted. Venue is: Venue M, 10 George Street, Hastings; Date is Saturday 15th September. Time is 7.30pm until late! There will be a live band for the first half, followed by a DJ - nothing too modern you understand! I do hope as many of you as originally said could make it can still make it. It would really make my birthday to have a good crowd of Kenties there. Hope to see you then. Nick

18-Aug-2007 16:20:20

Caz Streeter
caz [at]

Subject: Are we nearly there yet??

With only 5 and half sleeeps to go, i guess most of us are listed, packed, repacked and ready to PARTAAAAY!

Looking forward to catching up again.

take care x

09-Sep-2007 19:45:07

Colin and Pat
webmaster [at]

Subject: RE: Nick Speight 40th

Not long now .... can't wait to catch up with all you guys this weekend! Sorting out shirts for the special occasion...


12-Sep-2007 09:52:52

Sarah Strawson
strawsons [at]

Subject: RE: Nick Speight

Hippy Hoppy Happy Birthday Nick have a great party tomorrow eve sorry I cannot make it matey make sure you have a few shandies xxxx Sarah xxxx

14-Sep-2007 07:52:19

Gerrie Maber
gerrie [at]

Subject: RE: Nick Speight

Many happy returns of the day.......enjoy ....enjoy ....enjoy.....willraise a pint of the dark stuff to you during my trip to the emerald isle.x.x.x.

14-Sep-2007 20:49:49

Bev Reeves
bev` [at],uk

Subject: RE: Nick Speight

Have a great birthday and enjoy the party, sorry I can't be there.
Hope there's not too many hangovers Sunday morning. Bev x

15-Sep-2007 09:17:51

Caz Streeter
caz [at]

Subject: Asume the recovery postion.....

Well, the sleeeeps have come and gone. The drinks have been drunk, several glasses raised, cheeks aching from laughing and feet sore and numb from all the dancing! Oh not forgetting taking bets on the snail and slug nail weightlifting race!!
Thank you Nick & Judith for a fantastic time!!! I think we all needed the lift of a damn good party to to kick us back into riot mode. My halo remains in tact (???)from all the porkies i've had to tell to keep him in suspenders, but it was worth every ounce of work to get it all put into place! At least i can sleeeep peacefully now.
So to my extended family.. i thank you for such a brilliant time.. let's not leave it to long before we catch up again. Can't wait to see all the pix!!
Lubs to you all.. In a bite x

16-Sep-2007 16:58:35

Graeme Smith ( Schmed)
schmeduk [at]

Subject: RE: Nick Speight

Great party and great new web site. Very rarely does Mick Jagger come out to play anymore, but this was a very special occasion. My back stood up to it well.
Can't wait to see you all again soon. When is that by the way?

24-Sep-2007 18:39:12
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