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  Sarah Strawson (strawsons [at] says ...

Subject: Happy Birthday Dave Mac

Well there you go another year older - once again you are oder than me - well for the next 11 weeks anyway .....

Hope you have a good one .. get a drink in you from al of us Sarah xxx

02-Aug-2007 08:20:19

Dave Mac

Subject: RE: Happy Birthday Dave Mac

Yes - but I don't look it - AND I can spell. See you all soon. Dave

02-Aug-2007 08:21:10

Colin and Pat
webmaster [at]

Subject: RE: Happy Birthday Dave Mac

Happy birthday matey - you don't look a day over 50 either ... what's you're secret??

WHo's delivering the birthday bumps for you?!

02-Aug-2007 10:27:45

Caz Streeter
caz [at]

Subject: RE: Happy Birthday Dave Mac

Lots of B'day wishes to you!
Have a good'un and i'll see you soon xx

02-Aug-2007 15:48:45
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