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Subject: Kent School

(At Kent School from 1977 – 1991 and then from 2014 up to now)

Hallo every one,
My name is Lee West and I am the caretaker’s son of the Kent School. My father is Bill West (no he is not Leo, the little man with the limp ;-) and he worked there from 1978 to 1991 and loved his job and the Kent just as much as I do. We lived at the back end in that big farm house with the two barnyards attached to it. I don’t know if any of you remember my family or me but we did have some good friends that went to school there, I just can’t remember the names. Later on when I was about 15 years old I played in a band and we use to practice in the cellar under medway house. Maybe someone will remember that noise coming from the cellar…well that was me ;-)
I am a professional photographer now and a good friend of the owner of Kent School. In 2014 my wife and I were allowed to go and see the place and take pictures for the owner and for ourselves. I must say I was really upset to see the place in such a state. If you would like to see some of the pictures my wife and I have done then please go and visit:
I created the web page myself for the owner and it will also soon be in English too. The owner now gives people the opportunity to get back into the place and go on a photo tour.
We have taken pictures of nearly every room and every building that is still standing. Block five has been demolished, so has block nine where the cars use to be worked on. Also our house and the barnyards were demolished too in the late 80s :-(
As a child I was allowed to drive around the premises when the most of you guys went home ;-)
I can remember Des Laklison and also Mr. Wilson, they were great fun.
If any of you would like some more information or have any question then please don’t hesitate to ask.
All the best to you all

28-Jul-2015 12:34:15

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