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  Alan Boughey (boughey1 [at] says ...

Subject: Messrs Ord and Ness where the hell are you.

Messers Ness and Ord long time no see. We were mates 50 years ago - yes half a century ago but I have not seen your names appear within the sacred lines of this web site. Would be nice to hear how the two of you are doing.

Alan Boughey

27-Dec-2014 22:17:41

Hans Jürgen Kariger (Cilvert

H.Kariger [at]

Subject: Re: Messrs Ord and Ness where the hell are you.

I've never seen their names in all the years I've been on the site. Try a shout over Facebook? The groupo I've found is about 10 year after - our time at Kent School. Good luck. Or should I put a call out over my FB Alan?
If you have their whereabouts UK Germany eg. a try may be successful.

28-Dec-2014 09:17:41

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