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  Sarah mernor (sarahmernor [at] Gmail. com) says ...

Subject: Looking for someone.

I'm looking for my husbands Thomas Mernors. Younger brother John Mernor.
If anyone has heard from him or knows where he is can they ask him to get in touch with me please.
Thank you for you're help.

27-Apr-2016 14:52:56

Frank Pullar

frank.pullar [at]

Subject: Re: Looking for someone.

I remember John from the lower sixth. He was always hanging around with Schmed. Try contacting Schmed schmeduk [at]
Best of luck.

06-Jul-2016 16:54:34

Colin "the shirt" Miller

webmaster [at]

Subject: Re: Looking for someone.

Go to this website's Guest Book and you'll see the search box at the top of the page say "Search entries" - type in their name and you'll find an email address (albeit a tad old). It might still work ...


26-Jul-2016 08:57:52

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