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  Karl Stroud (stroudy [at] says ...

Subject: I am looking for Jo Buckannen

Hi there, as I said I am looking for Jo. Her das was a Navy Officer based in SHAPE and she went to Kent School between 1984-1987 and lived a Windsor boarding home on JHQ. I have been trying to find Jo for some time now and If anybody knows her and should know where she is I would be ever so greatfull if you could let me know. Regards Karl Stroud

19-Aug-2008 13:29:36

Sarah Uglow nee Billinger

fitchick167 [at]

Subject: RE: I am looking for Jo Buckannen

Have you tried looking on facebook for her? I was at Kent 84-87 and have found loads of old school mates on there. Good luck, Sarah

31-Aug-2008 22:22:00

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