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Subject: Anyone out there....

who attended Kent from 1965 to 1968??? I was living at Bruggen and I can remember John Robertson, Nancy Jolley, Jacqui Barton..John Alexander who lived at Krefeld and attended Queens at Rheindahlen. I was 16 when I left there in May '68 to return to UK. I visited Kent a few days ago with my daughter and her husband and was aghast at the state of sad...

18-Aug-2008 15:33:29

Dave Mac

Subject: RE: Anyone out there....

There's a few who have been back and it is in a sad state. If you have any photographs of your visit why not email them to Colin and he'll add them to the site. I was at the place before you - and then after you!

18-Aug-2008 19:35:06

Sue Larkins (as was!)

susantunks [at]

Subject: RE: Anyone out there....

Unfortunately didn't take any pix...however poor old Kent does look extremely delapidated - whoever buys it has a mammoth task on their hands.

During my time at Kent Miss Hutchinson was the girls' head teacher. When a girl called Patience started with a Mary Quant haircut, Miss Hutchinson lamented to the rest of us girls with long hair we should have our hair cut the same as Patience - and Miss Penny the domestic science teacher - I remember Miss Penny nearly knocking me out with her bunch of keys when she whacked me across the back of the head with them during a lesson...Imagine that these days!! It's amazing how many girls could squeeze into a toilet and all share the same cigarette! We had such a laugh in those days - school work? whats that!!

21-Aug-2008 13:09:08

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