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  David Richardson (thenephilim10 [at] says ...

Subject: kent school circa 1970-71

hi there wow sad to see the old school falling to bits. Interesting to find out the history of the original buildings though. My favourite memory is the swings and see-saws under the pine trees at the back of the playground. Everything else is a bit of a blur. Other than going to the wrong class on the first day and balling my eyes out. I still have my gold and black tie somewhere...........

18-May-2016 16:40:29

David Richardson

thenephilim10 [at]

Subject: Re: kent school circa 1970-71

Further thinking, my memory is awful due to migraine medication, I would have been in a nursery class I guess. The teachers name Mrs Glemon(s) (spelling) rings a bell. Using google maps I have found, one of, my homes, the flats on the bielefelder str. opposite the white church with the round stain glass window. A two hour bus drive to kent school in the old green bus according to google directions. I know no one from my time in Germany. Born in Munster 1967 moved between soltau, paderborn, senelager then to the UK in 1972. Never been back sadly but a time fondly remembered. Especially where we lived for the last year where there were only 3 houses in the middle of the woods. Going to sleep to the sound of Hercules and helicopters at night :)

19-May-2016 13:38:45

Tony Feehan

tf1223 [at]

Subject: Re: kent school circa 1970-71

David there wasn't any nursery classes in Kent School, it was a Secondary School, maybe you attended Ayrshire Barracks Primary which was fairly close.

31-May-2016 16:57:51

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