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  owen magson (nosgamnewo [at] says ...

Subject: Roland and Lyzz Plumb

BIG congrats all round, for the safe delivery of the little couple Fraser Austin James and Amelie Eva Grace............

17-Jun-2008 11:20:26

Party Jane

janemargaretuk [at]

Subject: RE: Roland and Lyzz Plumb

WOW another two members of the Kenty Association - Caz can you get kenty babygro's? Well done to you both and welcome to your beautiful babies - can't wait to see the pics!
PJ xxx

17-Jun-2008 14:49:13

Cazzy's proud!!

caz [at]

Subject: RE: Roland and Lyzz Plumb

I've seen a few pics and they are both absolutely gorgeous!!
Makes me feel all maternal again!
Hope you are resting up when you can Lyzz, Can't wait to have a few squidges!
If i had a flying brolly.. i'd do a Mary Poppins and be there in a flash!
Take care and loads of lubs all round xx

18-Jun-2008 19:28:39

Steph (Steffi)

stephanie.schuhrt [at]

Subject: RE: Roland and Lyzz Plumb

Congratulations and all the best...:o)

18-Jun-2008 22:10:35

sarah weller

Subject: RE: Roland and Lyzz Plumb

Well done mum .... Hope all is well with you all - must make sure you bring them to the next mini reu .. xxxx

19-Jun-2008 20:26:04

Lyzz Plumb

lyzzplumb [at]

Subject: RE: Roland and Lyzz Plumb

Thanks everyone.

I did want one of Fraser's middle names to be "Kent", but unfortunately my husband did not agree!

30-Jun-2008 12:39:28

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