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Subject: Anyone remember me? 1982-1985 Yank

Wow, I was trying to update my schools on MySpace and found this site. My 3 years at Kent were the most amazing years of my life. Anyone remember me? I'm going to find my old photos to upload.
I am/was: Michelle Lester ( Mich ) I think I was the 2nd Yank to go there, maybe the first. I know you all teased me about my accent.
Lets see, I don't know if I really 'hung out' with anyone, but some friends were (and I totally do not remember last names right now)
Dave, Fletcher, Pussy , Debs...??? Lots of headbangers I guess.... Going to the youth club there near the school and over in the Netherlands.
Oh, I rode a green Vespa for the last year. Guess I hung out with some Mods too. Paul...something or another....
Some of you walked with me to my house for burgers occasionally. Gads, I feel old, trying to remember this stuff.
I'll be back with pics. If I can figure out how to upload them here.
Lord, I'd love to talk to some of you guys.


17-Nov-2007 01:34:42

Caz Streeter

caz [at]

Subject: RE: Anyone remember me? 1982-1985 Yank

Hi Michelle..
And welcome to the Kentie family!
If you have any school pics from your Kentie years please feel free to send them to our and he will happy to upload them in the gallery for you.
Have a look through the guest book and see if there are any names you recognise there.. there are a fair few from our era floating around. Which form years were you in? I have trouble myself remembering some of my tutors.. but that was 22 years ago!!
Take care.

17-Nov-2007 02:29:09


dotty-dorris [at]

Subject: RE: Anyone remember me? 1982-1985 Yank

Hi Michelle, You weren't alone... I sat next to an American in 82-83 for Commerce. She was called Aneka (can't remember her surname) and her dad headed up Phillips in Eindhoven.

19-Nov-2007 21:10:30

Simon daniels

MandyundSimon [at]

Subject: RE: Anyone remember me? 1982-1985 Yank

Hi there Michelle ... Yes i Remember u..
But do u remember me !!!
please anwser..


21-Dec-2007 17:45:19

Paul Craven

cravenps67 [at]

Subject: RE: Anyone remember me? 1982-1985 Yank

Yeah i remember you when i lived at Bruggen.I was also one of the Bruggen headbangers. I hung around at the time with Steve Fletcher,Dave Garrad,Dave Winters, Billy Burns and a few others until most of us decided to join up.
Didnt you go out with Dave Garrad for a while???.

05-Jan-2008 22:06:24

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