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Subject: Radio Kent/Windsor Sound

Hi there,

I was at Kent School from 1983 till 1990, does anyone remember Radio Kent & Windsor Sound.

I ran the station with my brother, I'm still on the radio as a presenter on 107.4 BCR FM in Somerset.

If you remember me, feel free to email me andysaunders


Andy Saunders

16-Nov-2005 20:23:53

Ian Smith

ian.smith98 [at]

Subject: Radio Kent

Hi Andy, was at Kent 77-80ish, was involved with Radio broadcasting at Kent, in what appeared to be real early stuff broadcasting to the 5th year common rooms down by the library/operating theatre or commerce rooms. Just toyed with it.
At that time the radio had its room in the attic or top floor above commerce rooms' I think near where history and geography were taught.
Did not evolve with media or ever wanted to

18-Nov-2005 21:31:46

Sharon E. Wennekers nee Thomson

sharonnet666 [at]

Subject: RE: Radio Kent/Windsor Sound

Hiya Andy, i remember you and your brother AND how you tortured us with Europe's Final Countdown for weeks ;-) I was in 6th form 86/87. Have a pic from our 6th form room and i think you may just be on it...

22-Oct-2007 14:37:38

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