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Subject: History

Started to read some of it but had to stop. During the Nazi period the school was a euthanasia centre. Hundreds of children were killed there and buried under what became the bus park. One of the German bus drivers circa 67-69 was allegedly involved. I reported the matter to the head, a welshman I recall. He did nothing because he thought it would upset the other children. don't know why we already knew. it took me 45 years to get an enquiry into that bus driver.

16-Feb-2016 19:24:54

mike doherty [at]

Subject: History

I recall the HISTORY teacher Mr McNulty referring to the Schools role during The Nazi period He claimed that the Caretaker working there in 1974 had been working there in 1940-1. He also stated that He had been in the school at night and had a very uneasy feeling . Haunted bad spirits /vibes etc. He had henceforth made a point of not being in the school buildings after dark!!

19-Feb-2016 13:46:22

Terry McNulty

terry.mcnulty [at]

Subject: Re: History

I don't recall stating that Herr Dufenbeck (the Caretaker in the early to mid 70's) had been working in the buildings during the Nazi period. It could have been an older member of the ancillary staff. It is true that I was uneasy in the buildings at night time. Even during the day when I went to my classroom on a Sunday afternoon to mark and prepare lessons for the week ahead I was at times very uncomfortable. This was before I was even aware of the grim stories circulating about the school's past.

24-Feb-2016 12:31:27

hello terry

mpdohe [at]

Subject: History

I think you must have stated in class that there was somebody still working in the school in 1974 who had stories to tell about the buildings during the Nazi era & was still involved or employed at the school! At least I was listening & not daydreaming!!

25-Feb-2016 12:18:54

Terry McNulty

terry. mcnulty [at]

Subject: Re: History

A good response Mike! I am really impressed that you remembered my name. I can remember leaving the school keys back to Herr Dufenbeck late one Sunday afternoon. I told him about the strange atmosphere in the building where my classroom was situated. He didn't appear to be surprised. I heard later that he also experienced some weird phenomena when he was doing his rounds after the school had emptied at the end of the day.

29-Feb-2016 12:21:45

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