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  Andrew Polson (gotrek1966 [at] says ...

Subject: Need help finding someone

Greets all. Basicly I have found two people from my old class of 79-80. One is on Friends reunited in the Uk but because im not a fully paid member I cant send her any messages or email her. Can anyone help? Her name is Patricia Trowbridge. Also found Ceri Whitley ( remember his dad the teacher?) but cant get his email addy either. Have mailed ppl that may be able to get in touch with them but havent got any relpies.Is there anyone out there that can help me? been looking for them for 26 bloody years and so close yet so far. Would appreciate it. Andrew

13/12/2006 10:41


...... [at] .....

Subject: .......

pay the 7.50 then you can contact them all by yourself .......

15/12/2006 21:27


partyjane [at]

Subject: helping find someone

well - that was a helpful and freindly reply..

30/12/2006 02:18


Subject: Friends making loadsa money

It used to be a fiver for a year for FR.
Now its 7.50 for 6 months. Are these people not rich enough already. If you want to contact them that much then pay for the 6 months.

13/01/2007 00:28

Andrew Polson

Subject: get an attitude

"Not paying it cause im in Oz. Someone gave me some info and found her for me anyway, so you can bugger off with your crappy attitudes.Losers"

30/01/2007 12:07


Subject: looking

"glad you got into contact, but ""attitudes"" ?????,your reply seems alot harsher than the replies you got....Losers ???????,,what can i say....look at the reu pics and and then into the mirror matey,,i always thought losers had no friends !!!!!!!!!Bad reply from a fellow Kentie,what is the world coming to ,,,,,,ho hum,, "

30/01/2007 12:46

Andrew Polson

Subject: apologies for remarks

"Apologies for my remarks ppls, had a bad day at work, car broke down and had argument with wife. When I read replies I just had had enough and was realy pissed off just said first thing I thought off, should have thought before replying.Again apologies for my remarks."

31/01/2007 06:45

Jane Connelly

partyjane [at]

Subject: FR becoming a rip off....

"The trouble with mail messages they can be wrongly interpreted - I think the main whinge was that FR, having been sold is becoming a rip off on their charges. I'm glad the misunderstandings have been sorted out.
It had been mooted that this site would do a mini FR system for members, I'm not sure whats happened to that idea? It would be worth a fiver a year to have a similar system on this site? what do you think?"

31/01/2007 16:24


strawsons [at]

Subject: our site

Hi all to be honest Jane l think that we do a fantastic job keeping in touch with each other - eother thro' the 'Odd' reunion or just the emails that fly around l think FR is over rated and over priced for what you get - the live chat seems to have died a bit of a death at the moment ... but for the rest fab job keep it up xxx

31/01/2007 19:12

cheryl arnold (nee poulton)

chezjarn [at]

Subject: RE: Need help finding someone

did you used to live in schiller strasse bracht and have a sister called briony?

29-Oct-2007 22:41:40

Dave cos

davecos88 [at]

Subject: Hi Cheryl

Hi Cheryl,
I think you are talking about Briony Poulson.Her brothers name is Paul and yes they lived in schillerstrasse, Bracht

30-Oct-2007 18:34:29

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