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  David Southwood (topwood [at] says ...

Subject: School Shit

Hello everyone, I stumbled upon your page when trying to find pics of Kent School to show my Wife what a fantasticly Fucked Up place it was. So If anyone out there remembers me, or my brother Richard Southwood, please feel free to say Hello, it would be fun to drag up old memories!! Thanks.

12-Mar-2011 11:52:22

lisa reading

lisareading [at]

Subject: RE: School Shit

Hi Dave,

I remember you, we were quite good mates, I used to hang around with Sarah Billinger and Diane Mitchell I was only there from '84 to '85 because my dad got posted back to England, I can still remember how gutted I was to leave there. You definatley came on our Ski Trip Dec '84. Didnt your dad die as well,sorry to bring that up.

Do you remember Tank, his real name was Mike, he was a good guy.

Hope your well.


18-Jan-2012 17:17:20

Jez James

gerald.james [at]

Subject: Remember me?

Hi David im sure l remember you l had a brothere called Glen but everyone knew him as Butch. l hanged around with Col Withan and Mark Willams.

13-Apr-2012 05:33:39

martina august

martinaaugust [at]

Subject: Re: School Shit

Hi, i am Herman and my english is not so gold ..... My friends and i visited every day your brother ,in dalheim wen the bus Form the Kent scool come, your brother Richard has blond hair and the black jacket , and the white Chuck, i was lovded , my friend Kerstin and i had dinner by your parents........every thutsday we are in the youthclubin wildenrath was the besteht time in my life:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

25-Jun-2015 15:36:25

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