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  Stuart Lindsay (stueyis [at] says ...

Subject: Stuart Lindsay

Does anyone here remember me?lived on bruggen 77-81 have two brothers, Bert Lindsay and Ian Lindsay...seems Bert is well known on the msn Bruggen Brats website,
allso im looking for a Nikki Storr who was my first love...

04-Dec-2007 15:08:23

Nikki Storr

Subject: RE: Stuart Lindsay

I wondered where you were you ba$%Ad ..... I need your address for the Child Support Agency - the triplets are fine by the way - all members of 1 PARA and they are looking forward to meeting you!

04-Dec-2007 17:12:01

gerrie maber

gerrie [at]

Subject: RE: Stuart Lindsay

ahhhhhh isn't it nice to bring people back together!!!!;-)

04-Dec-2007 19:01:33

Colin The Shirt

webmaster [at]

Subject: RE: Stuart Lindsay


04-Dec-2007 19:18:41

Dave Mac

Subject: RE: Stuart Lindsay

Calm down Stuart - what did you expect from the Kentie site. Sorry guys, I just couldn't resist it ............... Colin, your response had me in stitches - life is great, is it not!

04-Dec-2007 21:27:44

Colin The Shirt

webmaster [at]

Subject: RE: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk

I forgot we had a resident joker on this website. Big grins on this side - I'm not so clever as not to be caught out occassionally ...

04-Dec-2007 22:52:05

Sean Lyndon Cook Age 44

sean.cook [at]

Subject: RE: Stuart Lindsay

Your name rings a bell. Didn't you knock about with Mark Richardson!

26-Jan-2008 08:59:42

silvia ibbott

silvia66 [at]

Subject: RE: Stuart Lindsay

hey stuart,least thats some1 i do remember, your bro robert,was in my year un knocked about wiv AD?? say hi un may recall my pic's on f.b x

14-Apr-2009 18:01:55

Sean Cook

Subject: RE: Stuart Lindsay

Who could forget you!

25-Apr-2009 21:56:26

Bert Lindsay

iamyzrnu [at] [at]

Subject: Re: Stuart Lindsay

Hi Bert Here ... My Bro Stu was the coolest dude as an air force brat. We stole so much beer from the Air Force Mess. Wow , the old days ... Nicki , I wish I married you .. xoxoxooxoxox

06-Jun-2015 00:58:18

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