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  Melanie Kendall (melaniekendall50 [at] says ...

Subject: Help Needed

Can anyone help?

Need to know which examination board I took my A Levels through during the Summer of 1982 (Geography, Biology and English)? Does anyone remember? I am tring to enrol on a course in Portugal (Where I now live) and need a copy of my certificate....lost it over the years!!
Melanie Kendall

02-Jan-2008 17:02:08

Dave Mac

Subject: RE: Help Needed

I seem to remember that the examinations were taken through the Cambridge board. I'm not at home at the moment but I'll dig out my papers when I get back on the 12th.

02-Jan-2008 21:06:29

Dawn S

dawn.dunn [at]

Subject: RE: Help Needed

Just dug my certificates out and have a mixture of London board from 82 to 84 and Cambridge board in 83. Dx

02-Jan-2008 23:26:37

Melanie Kendall

melaniekendall50 [at]

Subject: RE: Help Needed

Wow, that was quick. Thank you both so much for your help...really appreciated

03-Jan-2008 16:16:07

Melanie Kendall

melaniekendall50 [at]

Subject: Not having much luck!

Just wondered if you or anyone actually sat either Gegraphy, English or Biology A Level in 1982? If so which boards were those subjects taken with. I have tried in vain through OCR and AQA to get certification of my results. They say that Kent was registered but not with the subjects I took. Beginning to doubt myself now...maybe it was all a dream.....Sure remember Phil Martin and Roger Featherstone tho! Thanx a bunch x

09-Jan-2008 16:45:27

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