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Mrs Elisha Smith (Nee Campbell)

elisha_financehouse [at]


(At Kent School from 1977 to 1989, academic years: 2ND to Lwr6TH)

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30-Oct-2014 05:28:33

Dawn Slater (Nee Cree)

dawn.slater [at]


(At Kent School from 1975 to 1977, academic years: 1ST to 3RD)

Wow, a blast from the past! Lived in Wildenrath, really enjoyed these years. Kent School was great with Cherie Ashbridge, Lorraine Maddocks, Amanda Shepherd, Neil Tuite and the black board rubber whizzing across the science room for some reason.. , hot summers and sports - out run by Marie-ann, swimming galas at Rheindahlen. Fun times.

21-Oct-2014 22:16:03

elayne bond (Nee crawford)

elaynez707 [at]


(At Kent School from 1965 to 1968, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

I think it was Gordon Vaughan who was head boy at Kent I dont think his brother was a pupil there. I also think I remember a Joe Green being head boy.

20-Oct-2014 16:27:52

Malcolm Jan Pickard

malcjanp [at] [at]

United Kingdom

(At Kent School from 1970 to 1972, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

I loved the place. Went to a lot of schools and definitely Kent and a school in Australia were the very best for me. I just wish I could have stayed longer but 2 years in one place was a very long time for us. I remember Martin Gibson and Carolyn Harris at Kent. Anyone else remember them?? I am terrible at names!! Carolyn I have found, met uo with her at 16 in Australia then reconnected again in my 40s via the internet! Martin, never heard from him again apart from a few letters when I first left. He was a boarder and I can't really remember which house, keep thinking Deal but not sure if that'd be right, his Dad was stationed I think in Munchen (maybe RAF I seem to remember). I was a day boy travelling from Monchengladbach. Anyway my long winded point is if anyone knows of Martins whereabouts I would love to now! Happy to give my details etc :-) Malc

04-Oct-2014 01:31:36

Angela Anthony (Nee Golding)

Vedra1 [at]


(At Kent School from 1975 to 1979, academic years: 2ND to 1ST)

I only have vague memories of the school, lived in Zeebruge Street Krefeld (may have spelt that wrong) but remember such good friends and hated leaving to move back to England, memory not brilliant with names but Carmel Quain, Karen Orr - good friends - the school was so huge and bit daunting from memory but remember feeling very grown up in the black uniform - loved it there

12-Sep-2014 18:59:06

Debbie Childs (Nee Jones)

Debbiechilds1 [at]


(At Kent School from 1974 to 1979, academic years: 1ST to Upp6TH)

Did my o levels and a levels at kent school. Happy memories. Remember geography field trips to the Garza mountains with Mr Fearhetstone. Remember Jenne Wing???

15-Aug-2014 21:27:28

Michael Simpkin

micksimpkin [at]


(At Kent School from 1963 to 1965, academic years: 2ND to 4TH)

Yes was one of the first pupils at the school. Although actually missed the first as I was sent to Queens School by mistake.

28-Jul-2014 15:17:54

Steve Robinson

steven.1968 [at]


(At Kent School from 1982 to 1985, academic years: 2ND to 5TH)

Hiya all, I was at Kent between 82 and 85, started in 2RL with Sam Ball, James 'Stubbs' Stables, 3JPh, then 4/5BW hung around with Alan Young, Richard P Grant. Played rugby, went on the tour to Yorkshire (83 I think), went on a couple of ski trips. Live Erklenz then Wilnenrath GSO near Jane Godfrey, Paul Livett, Guy Morris, Michelle Hancock, Colin Roberts. Have a younger sister Louise who started about 84 (ish). Loved every minute, best wishes to all fellow Kenties who knew me and the many thousands who don't. Stay safe everyone :-)

16-Jul-2014 11:34:14

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151281 [at] email [at]


(At Kent School from 1963 to 1977, academic years: Lwr6TH to 4TH)

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18-Jun-2014 22:03:58

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65721 [at] email [at]


(At Kent School from 1965 to 1978, academic years: 2ND to 3RD)

PB1YNl Very informative blog article.Much thanks again. Really Great.

18-Jun-2014 18:29:36

Marilyn Leake (Nee Rootham)

mb.leake [at] [at]


(At Kent School from 1969 to 1970, academic years: 5TH to Lwr6TH)

I was horrified to read some of the history of the school recently, I didn't much like it there and was a boarder at Chatham House. I understand it has now been demolished

18-May-2014 23:19:19

Patricia Morris (Nee Morris)

mady0408 [at] [at]


(At Kent School from 1966 to 1968, academic years: 2ND to 4TH)

I lived in Krefeld and can remember teachers like Mr. Pike and Worral, I think miss Hutchinson was deputy headmistress.

17-May-2014 18:06:11

Anthony Hansom

heather.hansom [at]


(At Kent School from 1969 to 1971, academic years: 2ND to 4TH)

Maureen Ann Campbell, remember the name cannot place the face get in touch

06-May-2014 03:23:03

Paul Avard

paul.avard [at]


(At Kent School from 1967 to 1969, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

I wonder if any of you remember me? Looking for Claire Walsh, Nick Lamaison, Kim Andersen, Haggis, Nigel White and the Crichton brothers ... cheers, Paul

22-Apr-2014 06:44:50

Lee Farquhar (Nee Anderson)

leef65 [at]

North Yorkshire

(At Kent School from 1977 to 1981, academic years: 2ND to 5TH)

I have such good memories of Kent School, although I have forgotten so many names!! I lived in Krefeld (St Tonis) and travelled to Kent everyday. I lived for any type of sports at school (it was the only thing I was good at) and have to reiterate a comment that Robert Mongey made about being a twat in those days - I certainly do remember that!! We went out together for a while but he was a wild one! But still good memories and lots of fun and laughter. cant remember too many names apart from the following that lived in Krefeld: Ian Anderson, Karen ?? (who lived opposite me in the big block of flats), Kevin White and Kevin Whitehouse who were in the year below me. I am sorting out some photographs so once I have scanned them I will post for all to see!!

14-Apr-2014 13:12:14

Martin Widdicombe

martin [at]


(At Kent School from 1976 to 1978, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

To Debbie Hall - Hi!
I too was in 1CG & 2CG from Sept 76 to Feb 78.
I am still in touch with Kim Daimond and you may also remember Wayne Evans in our tutor group, who I am in touch with on Facebook.
As for Russell Gardiner, I was good friends with him at Wilders and I still have a skiing holiday photo of him from Feb 77 at Obertsdorf.
Good to see a familiar name! (Miss Gooch told me off once for firing a pea shooter at Donna Stevens!)

01-Apr-2014 11:39:29

Deborah Hall (Nee Hall)

debhall212 [at]


(At Kent School from 1976 to 1977, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

Oh, and in the teachers '76 photo in the gallery, I would say that the person at the far left on the fifth row is Ann Gooch, my form tutor.

12-Mar-2014 20:18:20

Deborah Hall (Nee Hall)

debhall212 [at]


(At Kent School from 1976 to 1977, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

Was a at Kent for the first and second years, 1976/1977. Was in Miss Gooch's class, 1CG and then 2CG. Sang in the choir. Remember the lunch time disco. Names I recall, Sara Lord, Tina Pickering, Bev Ellender, Russell Gardiner, Sarah Beeby, Yvonne Reid, Beverly Graves, Amanda Kitchin, Nicola Wedekind, Tracy McCann, Kim Daimond! Lived in Wildenrath, Pembroke Crescent.

12-Mar-2014 18:38:18

Ian Jinks

ian.mark.2012 [at]


(At Kent School from 1983 to 1986, academic years: 2ND to 5TH)

Had a great time at kent school. Best mate was marcus howe. Boarded at medway a while then changed to daily. Lived in muilheim and dad was in duisburg camp. Anyone remember me feel free to give me a mail. Would be good to reminiss

08-Mar-2014 20:21:19

Alison Taylor (Nee Taylor)

Ali.Holmes [at]

New Zealan

(At Kent School from 1974 to 1976, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

Hi all, just checking in again after a prolonged absence. Lynne Hyde we were in the same tutor group with Mr Price. We continued to write to each other for a while after I left - still have the letters somewhere lol. Other names I remember are Karen Weller, Michelle Boog-Whiteside, Annaliese Lucas and Andy Mason. Sadly the memory is obviously failing as there were more than that in the class lol.
Also hello to all recent Kentie friends, hope you are all keeping well.

25-Feb-2014 06:27:59

Paul swarbrick

Paulswarbrick61 [at]

Market weighton,
East yorks

(At Kent School from 1974 to 1976, academic years: 2ND to 3RD)

Lived at wildenrath Harrier Way I think. Youth club, canteen and remember the 'hole in the fence' specially before hosting other youth clubs! Was in Canterbury house . Remember Ray mcveigh , Alan Freeman and Roly ! Also Jutta Collet rings a bell. Imposing school but enjoyed and Camp life , swimming, cinema, bowling was a laugh.

09-Feb-2014 22:36:23

Reggie Akpata

Reggie [at]

Long Beach,

(At Kent School from 1971 to 1972, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Names: Sylvia Hardwick, Pamela Martin, Julia Lacklison, Martin Lacklison, Gordon Martin, Charlie Eade, Mr. Lovegrove, Des Lacklison.

We were refugees from the Biafra conflict and lived in the houses behind the school. Today I found out - from this site -what I'd always feared about that sliver of a park with a wrought iron gate that what we knew then as a memorial was actually a burial ground with many secrets from the Nazi era of euthanasia and murder etc.

Left Kent School to attend school in Africa in 1972

09-Feb-2014 02:28:47

Dave Wills

bigbaddave [at]

Hebden Bridge,

(At Kent School from 1981 to 1985, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

03-Feb-2014 13:59:10

Stuart rodgers

Rodgers285 [at]


(At Kent School from 1971 to 1974, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Anyone in touch with Dave monk?

01-Feb-2014 22:23:12

Tim Ridge

timridge1 [at]


(At Kent School from 1975 to 1977, academic years: 4TH to 5TH)

Have stumbled across this site by accident! What a trip down memory lane; was very happy at Kent School Had a few run-ins with Mr Young (Geography) though. Boarded at Deal House during fifth year, fantastic time. So sorry to hear about the passing of Carl Lees.

31-Jan-2014 09:20:45

Catherine James. (Nee Hendry)

Cjames141259 [at]


(At Kent School from 1974 to 1977, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Hello. Would like to here from best friend back in the day. Her name is Carole Iveson. Anyone with any info please contact me.

24-Jan-2014 20:09:42


chescannes [at]

Richmond Hill,

(At Kent School from 1976 to 1978, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

A total shock to find this site of Kent School. What a school, what memories we all had. It's along time now, but I remember Mr Wake and his beard. I remember Mike Akins in my class, Amanda Shepherd and Jon Weber were in the year up from me With my name it shouldn't be too difficult to remember me. Send me an email, Cheers!

19-Jan-2014 09:14:47


adrian_clark57 [at]


(At Kent School from 1979 to 1981, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Hi Guys,
Great times while at Kent (Sept 79-Dec 81)
Travelled daily from RAF Bruggen
Re lived some happy memories on finding this site.

16-Jan-2014 20:19:48

Jon Hollinshead

h.jon [at]

Solihull-West Midlands,

(At Kent School from 1973 to 1977, academic years: 2ND to 5TH)

What a great page. I lived in Harrier way in Wildenrath and my best friends were Mark & Micheal Watts (Watty).
Best friends also included Harry Smith and Michael Smith who could speak really good German. I boarded at Deal for last year. Kent school in hindsight was special and were certainly the best days of my life although at 52 I have had a great life. Married, 2 lovely kids and a wife I adore and I a career in the RAF. I guess I'm just lucky! Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

15-Jan-2014 10:46:09

graham thomas

gjthomas 56 [at]


(At Kent School from 1966 to 1970, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

is there anyone out there that remembers me

11-Jan-2014 23:49:57

Andy McCabe

andy.mccabe1 [at]


(At Kent School from 1971 to 1973, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

Hi, I don't know if anyone would remember me and my brothers, Sean & Colin McCabe, Colin was 6th form then we were all at Kent, we lived in Wildenrath (had plenty of fun), names I can remember - Peter Casey, Martin Beham, Hazel Hurst, David Chapman, Paul Oates, my brother Colin went out with Karen Mcloughlin, rings any bells? like to hear from you

11-Jan-2014 20:51:54

Kevin page (Nee I'm sure I had one but can't remember.)

Kwp256 [at]


(At Kent School from 1968 to 1971, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Simple message. Looking to hear from anyone who might remember me at deal house. If so it would be nice to hear from you.

28-Dec-2013 15:36:39

maureen anne campbell (Nee campbell)

poppy2211 [at]

Newbiggin by the Sea,

(At Kent School from 1969 to 1970, academic years: 2ND to 3RD)

Don't think anyone will remember me as I was such a wallflower but I boarded at Chatham House as Dad was stationed at S.H.A.P.E. in Belgium....I do remember Tony Hansom (because I had a crush on him lol)...and also of jumping the fire with him at the midsummer nights walk..ahhh memories..if anyone remembers me then shout out.xx

28-Dec-2013 05:43:09

Alan Boughey

boughey1 [at] [at]

(At Kent School from 1960 to 1960, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

And the same to you Jurgen my old friend.

24-Dec-2013 17:12:57

Hans Jürgen Kariger

H.Kariger [at]

(At Kent School from 1963 to 1964, academic years: 2ND to 3RD)

A mery Christmas and Happy New Year to all Kenties near and far, younger or old.

24-Dec-2013 12:45:30

Stuart Johnson

sjonno2010 [at] [at]

St Ives,

(At Kent School from 1981 to 1984, academic years: 2ND to 4TH)

Started at Kent in Oct 81 until May 84. Played rugby, football, athletics, for school. Lived in Wildenrath. Mates with Karl Lingham, Iain Duffy. Daft Newcastle Utd supporter. Peter Butterworth helped me achieve start at Cambridge Utd. Can't remember all names - Ingo Chudleigh?

15-Dec-2013 16:06:55


mick [at]


(At Kent School from 1976 to 1979, academic years: 3RD to Lwr6TH)


13-Dec-2013 14:59:45

Jeff Harris (Nee Still Harris)

jeffharris43 [at]

Where else

(At Kent School from 1972 to 1983, academic years: Lwr6TH to Upp6TH)

So pleased to see so many ex-pupils enjoyed Kent. I recognise so many of the names. I taught for some 41 years in seven different schools in various countries but Kent was by far the best experience. My wife, Julia, was the "Sister" up in Sick Bay for several years. Best wishes to the site.

24-Nov-2013 14:31:02

Julianne Gannon (Nee Julie Ann Whiteley)

julianne.gannon [at]

Letchworth Garden City,
United Kingdom

(At Kent School from 1983 to 1986, academic years: 2ND to 5TH)

I'd be really glad to hear from anyone who knew me at Kent School and it would be absolutely fabulous to catch up.

Really enjoyed my time in Germany - happy days!

19-Nov-2013 22:15:53

iain hunter

huntersofhollytree [at]


(At Kent School from 1968 to 1971, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

forgot to say, I set up the boys football league on RAF Wildenrath, we had officer's qtrs., airmans qtrs. and G.S.O and others I think. Still got a school photo of me in black and silver tie!

15-Nov-2013 14:52:16

Iain Hunter

huntersofhollytree [at]


(At Kent School from 1968 to 1971, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

not certain about the years, but think its about right. Lived at GSO no. 329 I think. not very good with names remember Samuel Bridges, Stanley Gibney. Next door neighbours the Beatties ( from Aberdeen originally). Loved Kent sad to see it now. Circles round the camp once about 20 years ago, but stopped at the gates. never been back to school.

15-Nov-2013 14:44:23

Jackie Douglas (Nee Hooper)

jdouglas [at]

Sutton, Ely,

(At Kent School from 1973 to 1973, academic years: 3RD to 4TH)

Hi I was in Miss Cleaver's tutor group - Tonbridge. I would love to get in touch with Sue Chestun, Lesley Burns, Colin Davidson, Pat Stevens (Stephenson - not sure of surname) Gary Lane I lived in Willich. Loved it at Kent School. Would love to catch up.

02-Nov-2013 21:27:07

steven robert johnson

cooldood37 [at]

United Kingdom

(At Kent School from 1976 to 1980, academic years: 4TH to Lwr6TH)

remember dancing with a girl called Pamela Davenport,her father was from Shape, was in a dorm with wilf owen, guy whos father worked with bfbs,local bully was robert stratton

12-Oct-2013 22:59:14

steven robert johnson

cooldood37 [at]


(At Kent School from 1977 to 1980, academic years: 4TH to Lwr6TH)

Was in boarding school,father was in Antwerp Belgium, married with a 10 yr old girl,work for the army as a civilian.

12-Oct-2013 22:45:08

Rosi jansen

rosi.jansen [at] gmx.dr [at]

(At Kent School from 1960 to 1960, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Hallo ich heiße rosi Jansen ! Ich kenne viele von euch aus erkelenz !! Ihr habt im bauxhof gewohnt und ich im hogenhof . Mein Englisch ist in den ganzen Jahren nicht besser geworden darum schreib ich in deutsch :) würde mich freuen wenn sich jemand von meinen früheren Freunden meldet !! Steve sharpe , Steve Evans , Caroline USW ??!!

07-Oct-2013 19:15:51

jim waterman

paidplenty [at]


(At Kent School from 1971 to 1976, academic years: 1ST to Lwr6TH)

well Deborah some of the names you mention I went out with Sandra and Diane Webster and Diane Yapp and I was also in the school football team with Mr Yardley

05-Oct-2013 15:15:31

Dallas Marilyn Nash (Nee Kellie)

dallasnash [at] [at]


(At Kent School from 1962 to 1963, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

I was in the founding class at Kent when it first opened as an overspill from Queens in Rheindalen. I loved my time there - great staff, great grounds, great food. Every lunchtime a friend and i walked the Deputy Head's collie dog, Tess round the school gardens!
I am currently writing a book about my experiences being brought up with a parent in the RAF and how life differed from that of children with parents in civvy street.

I would like to include memories and recollections from others with a similar background, not necessarily just the Air Force but also the army and navy as well If you can add any quirky details or personal stories please email ( or phone (00267-72106224) me. I can also be reached via Skype. My Skype ID is dallasbotswana.

24-Sep-2013 11:50:51

Deborah Spanton (Nee Debbie Smith)

deborah.spanton [at]

(At Kent School from 1972 to 1977, academic years: 3RD to Upp6TH)

Christine Lyon and Pete Yeardley - I think both of you were there at the same time as I was. I am the same age as you Christine, so very likely. I was in Rochester House, started part way through 3rd year and finished after U6th in 1977. Lived in Krefeld and was in the same year as Paul Boon, Don Walcott, Sandra deSouza, Gay Thompson, Diane Webster, Lyn Corderoy, Steve Sparks, Murray Smythe, Phil Allen, Pat Ball, Kay French, Terry Magee, Mandy Poole, Tina Bushell, Simon Ashley, Tim Simmons and others whose names I have forgotten. Also knew Pam and Debbie leCarpentier, Jackie Fraser and Tina Nicholls from deGreiff strasse, although they were all younger. Have a sister and a brother who also went to Kent (Mark - now 53 and Dawn - now 52) and a much younger sister Hayley, who didn't go there!

24-Sep-2013 07:13:32

Hans-Jürgen Cilvert

H.Kariger [at] [at]


(At Kent School from 1963 to 1964, academic years: 2ND to 3RD)

mark We lived in Krefeld too and I remember the tour well. In 63 "Pupil Surplus" from Queens moved out from Queens lower to establish the New Kent School Hostert. Additionally 1 st. Years came from St. Tönis, M Gladbach, Viersen, Wildenrath, D'dorf. I lived Sollbrüggen Str. 1 in Krefeld-Bockum and we had 2 American Boys, Dave Tully Queens Uupper and brother Rick Kent from Kr. Lynn. Last stop was De Greiff-Str. Little to no time for play considering homework. Up at 6 in the morning an lates 9.30 lights out. (I was tired!). It was the best school for many including myself though I certainly can't complain about the efforts taken by my following schools in UK, Catterick Camp and especially Lytchett Minster School, Dorset, which was kind enough to accommodate me for my final exams. Wonder if Werner and Günter (Drivers) and tubby Fritz all GSO were still on the tour? Terribble busses! But we had nothing better those days.

24-Sep-2013 05:40:50

Mark Lowe

mark [at]


(At Kent School from 1970 to 1973, academic years: 1ST to 3RD)

Lived in Krefeld and travelled daily to Kent. Anyone else remember that journey everyday?

22-Sep-2013 12:41:57

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