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jerry harrison

Hjerryden [at]

09-Mar-2002 11:02:00

Al Jenkins

Bigal [at]

(At Kent School from 1979 to 1981, academic years: to )

I went to Kent School during 1919 to 1981 my closest colleagues were Martin Minchin, Yoric Phoenix, Ian People, Jackie and Clare McGrellis and Tom mackle. I am now a Sgt inteh RAF and I met Tom in 2000 who is now a pilot for Air Tours. Ian who I am still in regular contact with is married with 2 kids and a top bloke. We were all in a band called Science Friction that played at the School and at the Dormitories of the male school towards the end of 1980/beginning of 1981.

08-Mar-2002 13:24:00

Justian Stubbings

ianthejust [at]

(At Kent School from 1981 to 1983, academic years: to )

at kent 81-83. sorting out the booking now as made time for this great occasion. hope to see a load of old friends.

05-Mar-2002 14:54:00

caz streeter

dragula [at]

now all is sorted and arranged, i'm really looking forward to the bash and meeting old lost friends and new.It's been about 17 years since i left the gates of Kent, and many memories are still in my mind, maybe a bit fuzzy, but still there somewhere. Now it's time to face the past,good and bad, and relive my youth! Cheers to you all.

05-Mar-2002 00:26:00

Mandi Wilson (Nee Wood)

happycow8 [at]

(At Kent School from 1972 to 1976, academic years: to )

Was at Kent from 1972-'76, left after the dreaded exams.Lived in Elmpt...spent nearly all my time with Julie Black(where are you??)and on the back of a 'Ducati' (!remember??). Think I recognise a few names in there...much of the school days are "fuzzy"...although we had a blast! (didn't we??!!) I would LOVE to come to the reunion, but am "stuck" in California (shame)(it's also on my birthday, and I don't want to be "egged"!!).. will try to make the next one. Meanwhile..anyone out there who recognises the me!!!!!! VEBLEEEEE!!

25-Feb-2002 00:59:00

Helen Lee (Nee Scott)

samuel3 [at]

(At Kent School from 1986 to 1986, academic years: to )

Only found out recently and cannot make April due to work commitments. Was at Kent from 1986 and lived at Laarbruch. Anyone remember Jeanette Ibbs, Neil McCarthy or Paul Longmire? Hope everyone has a great time at the reunion!!!

23-Feb-2002 15:29:00

Donna Brown (Nee McLaughlin)

Donna [at]

(At Kent School from 1979 to 1981, academic years: to )

Was known as Donna McLaughlin back then - attended Kent School from the third to fifth year (1979 to 1981) Based at Bruggen but lived in Donderburg. Loved going to Bruggen youth club - COME ON BRUGGEN (said in a James House voice!) I can think of worse places to have been at school - fond memories of the old world war II hospital! And made some good muckers too.

20-Feb-2002 11:43:00

Zena Houghton

zenahoughton [at]

I'd love to be there with you all in April but work commitments prevent me from attending. I hope it all goes well and everyone has a merry time. Anyone who remembers me get in touch.

18-Feb-2002 10:26:00

Ian Gibson

iagfam1 [at]

(At Kent School from 1977 to 1980, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

Wildenrath 77 - 80, 3rd to 5th year.What great times, although I didn't know it then. Looking forward to catching up with old mates and knocking back a few lagers. Can't wait.

16-Feb-2002 11:06:00

Jane Roberts (Nee Goodson)

JinxyBaker [at]

Sent the cheque and looking forward to catching up with everyone

16-Feb-2002 07:14:00

Trevor Hay

trevor.hay [at]

(At Kent School from 1974 to 1977, academic years: to )

Just found your site.Unable to make reunion due to previous arrangements.Went to Kent between 1974/77 also lived in Wildenrath.Used to knock around with Ray Mcviegh.

15-Feb-2002 17:38:00

Lorna Brett

mickcleaver [at]

(At Kent School from 1972 to 1975, academic years: to )

Was at Kent Boarding School from 72-75. Shared dorm with Kerry West and Lynn Page. I am now married with 3 children living in Harwich, Essex. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me especially Kerry, lynn, Diane Whitworth Terry Miller, Debbie Samuel and Lynn Wadeson. Look forward to hearing from you.

15-Feb-2002 14:00:00

Paul Dixon

paul_dixon_68 [at]

(At Kent School from 1982 to 1983, academic years: to )

Kent 1982-83.Knocked around with Gary Frew,both of us Nutty Skins.Just like to hear from anyone who knows me.Lived in Krefeld,St.Tonis.

15-Feb-2002 08:16:00

Karen Blundell (Nee Humphries)

karenblundell [at]

(At Kent School from 1976 to 1981, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

Hello everyone, was anyone in Mr Thompson's class 1976 - 1981 in classes 3KT, 4KT, or 5KT?

12-Feb-2002 13:13:00

Paula Durbin

GreenDustbunny [at] Aol.Com

My e-mail address has changed!

12-Feb-2002 08:02:00

Karl Watson

kdw160 [at]

(At Kent School from 1977 to 1978, academic years: to )

Only just found out about the reunion, so to late to attend unfortunately as there are afew names from the past. was at deal house 1977 to 1978 lived in K.Town.hope everyone has a great time

11-Feb-2002 08:16:00

Paul Browne

psybob [at]

(At Kent School from 1982 to 1984, academic years: to )

Laarbruch/Weeze/Medway 82-84. Found this site too late I'm afraid. Looking forward to Reunion 2003! Have fun!!

11-Feb-2002 08:02:00

Bob Brett

(At Kent School from 1972 to 1975, academic years: to )

Deal House between 72 and 75.Looking forward to meeting you all. I hope your all wearing better than the old school!
I'm still steam driven!

11-Feb-2002 06:15:00


ivrar [at]

Sorry to see the old school in that condition.Does anyone know the were abouts of Angie Marks. e-mail me please.I had some great time at the school.

10-Feb-2002 14:30:00

neil saunders

pam_neil2001 [at]

I have to work when the reunion is on so I wil not be here. So have a great time as I'm sure you all will. Hope to catch some email address from the site. Thanks to the committee for arranging the reunion and the site All the best and take care Neil

09-Feb-2002 07:42:00


richel.lord3coy [at]

(At Kent School from 1978 to 1980, academic years: to )

Admitted to Kent 1978 Escaped 1980. Looking forward to seeing all your ugly mugs again. Wife cant make it[shame] got to look after mini Mick. See you all in Butlins. All the best to you, Baldy. PS dont have a computor, they aint fireman proof.

07-Feb-2002 04:24:00

joanne odell

eskimodell [at]

Have seen a few names from the murky past. Hi, to Paula Durbin, Tracey Blatchford, these were in my year at school. Anyone ever heard from Paula Ashcroft!!!! If so please let me know.

06-Feb-2002 16:51:00




06-Feb-2002 13:40:00

Mike Austin

maustin [at]

(At Kent School from 1976 to 1979, academic years: to )

Attended Kent 76 - 79. Can't remember many names but maybe we will recongise each other. I am sure the bar will help even if we don't! Regards Mike

06-Feb-2002 05:46:00

Ken Paterson

Ken_paterson [at]

Sadly something has come up,I will not be able to attend the reunion, however I'm sure I will hear all about it, have a fantastic time. Ken

06-Feb-2002 05:12:00

Sarah Seeley (Nee Challis)

s.seeley [at]

Hi just made the commitment to go in April cheque on its way! looking forward to seeing old friends.

04-Feb-2002 00:01:00

Debi Morris (Nee Saunders)

debi_morris [at]

I reconise a few names on the list but after 22 years I'm not sure I'll recognise the faces but hey it'll be one helluva weekend!

04-Feb-2002 04:20:00

Lin England (Nee McPherson)

mslin_e [at]

Have persuaded Sue and Karen Cheetham to come to the reunion. Anyone know where Julie Gill, Linda Kenny, Julie Bird or Tammy Cratchley are - if so please try to persuade them to turn up! See you there. Will be relaying all to sister Karen in the US afterwards!

03-Feb-2002 09:57:00

Karen Quintanilla (Nee McPherson)

karenq2 [at]

Formerly Karen McPherson - Still in contact with Karen Stroud (now Edwards) in Wales. Lost contact with Elaine, Carol and Diane. Remember Dave Winship and John as well as several others. Anyone know if Ms. Mabry is still around "masher". Liz - the mouse in the hair? Unable to attend - Live in the U.S. but send best wishes to all - Have a terrific time!

02-Feb-2002 19:22:00




02-Feb-2002 16:20:00

Louise Waddington

ianandlouise [at]

Looking forward to seeing old friends. Lesley Mulligan will also be coming down with me, also Sharon Fee and Lesley's sister Nancy.

02-Feb-2002 07:20:00

Karen Sheeran (Nee Cheetham)

ksheeran [at]

I recognise a few names going and am really excited about coming along to join in what I hope will be a fantastic weekend.

02-Feb-2002 07:14:00

Jackie Tonkin

Foxifeline [at]

Wow what a blast from the past went to Chatham boarding school 78-81 and remember the woods in between!!! and the school discos very well, Sadly wont be able to make the reuinion THIS TIME but if another one is being organised put me top of the list. Anyone who remembers this name get in touch pleaaase xxx Hope you all have a FAB time and not too many blushes

01-Feb-2002 14:15:00

Alison Cantwell

ravencol [at]

01-Feb-2002 00:55:00

Dave Skidmore

dave.skimore [at]

(At Kent School from 1974 to 1976, academic years: to )

At Kent 1974-76 in the sixth form. Lived at Bruggen until June 77. Don Walcott who lived a few doors away from from my house at Bruggen will be at the reunion. My cheque is in the post.

01-Feb-2002 11:57:00

Sharon Fee

ash [at]

(At Kent School from 1978 to 1981, academic years: to )


01-Feb-2002 11:51:00

Jon Waddington

jonwaddington [at]

(At Kent School from 1980 to 1981, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Attended Kent as a first year only 80-81. So wierd to speak to and meet up with friends from over 20 years ago. See you all at the reunion.

01-Feb-2002 10:51:00

Nickie Waghorne (Nee Caisley)

n.waghorne [at]

Cheques in the post.

01-Feb-2002 01:53:00

Alison Rolfe (Nee Eddy)

mark [at]

Cheque in the post in the morning, looking forward to the weekend-fantastic idea! Recently met Jane Goodson locally and Trudy Hanson found me via Friends Reunited-now it will snowball after 21 years!!!

31-Jan-2002 15:05:00

David Lamming

dlamming [at]

(At Kent School from 1977 to 1979, academic years: 4TH to 5TH)

RAF Bruggen 1975-1979. Cheshire Middle School then Kent for the 4th and 5th form (77-79) Deal House from Jan 79 to O'levels in the June after parents went back to UK.

31-Jan-2002 02:29:00

Chris Minchin

Minchinchris [at]

Life dealt its cruelest blow to my family just before christmas and that chapter of my life ends within days of the reunion so I don't feel it proper that I come (for myself or my Family). Hope you all have a great time.

30-Jan-2002 14:07:00

arthur phillips

arthurphillips [at]

Hope this goes ahead and is a great success. Kent School,it`s pupils and staff have given me some great teaching memories. Some to be ,hopefully,relived in April.

29-Jan-2002 09:18:00

Steve Robinson

steve.robinson4 [at]

(At Kent School from 1982 to 1985, academic years: 2ND to 5TH)

At Kent from '82 'till '85, lived at Erklenz and then at the GSO at Wildenrath for the last 3 years, went on the rugby tour in '83 and also went sking a few times with the school. Was in 2RL,3JPH and finally in 4&5BW. Enjoyed the time there.

29-Jan-2002 07:05:00

Steve Graham

spoiltb [at]

(At Kent School from 1974 to 1977, academic years: 1ST to 3RD)

Was there 74-77, years 1-3 in Canterbury (1CWi, 2CWi and 3CC). Will put the cheque in the post tonight so hopefully I can get there on the day(work/transport permitting) Steve Graham

29-Jan-2002 05:40:00

Laura Greig

lauragreig [at]

(At Kent School from 1977 to 1981, academic years: to )

... Bruggen '77 - '81 ... looking forward to a fun and boozy weekend!!

29-Jan-2002 03:40:00

Jed McInally

jedmcinally [at]

(At Kent School from 1980 to 1981, academic years: to )

Kent School 1980-81 lived at Bruggen. Can't wait to meet up with old friends and catch up on the last 20ish years!!!

29-Jan-2002 12:37:00

Chris Murphy

chrismurphy793 [at]

(At Kent School from 1975 to 1977, academic years: to )

Hello to any body who knows me, cant make the reunion due to having a metal cage fitted to my upper leg. Lots of memories,Lived in bruggen used to hang about with Andy Mount,Mike Penfold, Mark Persal. There were some lads from Wildenrath who looked like Status Quo. any one who remembers me p0lease get in touch.

28-Jan-2002 13:12:00

Glenn Jones

glennjon [at]

Will send my cheque in the morning. Can't wait to meet up with everyone again

27-Jan-2002 17:14:00

Karen Wharton (Nee Eyre)

kpeyre [at]

Can Debbie Owen who registered beginning of Jan, please get in touch. I have been looking for your name for ages!! Knocked around together 1983!!

27-Jan-2002 14:25:00

Alison Taylor

andy [at]

Registered today. Unfortunately can't bring the family and so far don't know anybody on the site but hopefully will make loads of new friends. Ali

27-Jan-2002 07:41:00

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