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Fiona Meers (Nee Morrison)

fiona.mcintosh2 [at]


(At Kent School from 1971 to 1973, academic years: 4TH to Lwr6TH)

Hi Christine(Randall) wondered what happened to you after seeing you at Dawn's. Have you emigrated or just working over there? Got married 3 weeks ago to Phil Meers (don't know if you remember him from Bruggen. Please e-mail then we can catch up. I am in touch with Carol Highmore, we have met up a few times. Look forward to hearing from you. Fiona

21-Jul-2008 19:29:08


karen [at] [at] karen [at]

United Kingdom

(At Kent School from 1981 to 1984, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

Wow fantastic site. Really sad that the school is so run down. Would love to visit next time round. Brought back some really good memories. I was a weekly border in chatham house and my brother (Norman Mchoul) was in Deal house. I remember planning to do night runs to deal house and the Discos. Does anyone remember watching ET at the front of Chatham house with all our duvets. I used to live in Amgheisteberg on Amputcamp then moved to Mulheim but went to Dusseldorf for Saturday morning pictures and to meet friends.

Some of the names that I remember are Karen Thomas, Sue Simmons, Hayden Lunn, Linda Day and her boyfriend Chris ?, Lyndon Black my boyfriend from back then , Tracy Payne, Linda McCalister, Mich Comman, Heather Spring, Kris Irvin, Simon Newlands (Sid),Nick Harding, Ian Cuthbert, Gary Campbell, Jarrett ?,David West and the guy who used to dress up as Boy George. I also have photos of all of you if you ever want copies. I drag then out every now and then.

I remember the Kent Radio and doing a jingle with a couple of friends, if my memory serves me well it was to Radio Ga Ga by Queen.

Anyway if any of you remember me or anyone mentioned would love to hear from you

19-Jul-2008 00:34:28

christine johnson (Nee randall)

johnocyp [at]


(At Kent School from 1970 to 1973, academic years: 2ND to 4TH)

Hey....nice to hear from you Ms Quarrington...god it was a long long time ago wasn't it.!
Yeh we went to the 6th Form disco on the Friday and then the Crossbow Club on the Saturday.
It was a lovely carefree type of life on the Base in those days, we didn't have half the crap the poor youngsters have these days.....I have a 28 year old son Kris...who blessed us with a Grandson last year called Kaci ( it took a while to get over the shock of being a (GRANNY)....but we adore him, and when we all go out I tell everyone Kris is my nephew.....I have another lad called Danny who is 17 and a real laid back type with long curley hair..been lucky with both really...turned out well.
I actually bumped into Pete Glanville in the middle of Leicester Square in 1975 while living in London....he then arranged to pick me up to go visit him and Andy in Southend-on-Sea for a weekend.........they were still the bloody same as they had been in Bruggen....daft as brushes.
I think with our Dads being in the Forces alot of us missed out keeping in touch with old mates, thats why when I found this I couldn't believe it.
Where are you and what do you do.?....and as for the rest of you....come on get on here. x

18-Jul-2008 11:29:10

chris Thomas (Nee quarington)

christinethomas6 [at]


(At Kent School from 1960 to 1960, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Hey Christine Randal yes im the one and same. ha. long time ago, I do remember staying with you. really enjoyed it as I recall. Did we go to a disco Saturday night.

18-Jul-2008 09:25:40

Steve Graham

spoiltb [at]


(At Kent School from 1974 to 1977, academic years: 1ST to 3RD)

I am sure Mr Preen was also Fagin in the 1976 production of Oliver. Well, I suppose a man needs a hobby.

18-Jul-2008 00:01:07

Brian Thompson

BThom [at]


(At Kent School from 1967 to 1969, academic years: 4TH to 4TH)

Does anyone know where Maureen Anderson is? She had a brother, Ian, who also went to the school. Nice kid, bit of a tearaway.

17-Jul-2008 16:14:46

christine johnson (Nee randall)

johnocyp [at]


(At Kent School from 1970 to 1973, academic years: 2ND to 4TH)

hi Christine Quarington, are you the Christine that fancied Andy Underdown smae time as me???? Do you have a sister called Jenny??
I think you came to stay with me once in Bruggen.
Dawn Johnston and I stayed in touch for a long time, I used to go see her in Peterborough area, but since I've been in Cyprus have lost touch with her, along with Fiona Morrison and Carol Highmore.....get in touch girls.
Would love to know where everyone got to...Angie Phelps, she was another one of my pals at Kent..... will hope to hear from some of them.

17-Jul-2008 14:22:30

chris Thomas (Nee quarington)

christinethomas6 [at]


(At Kent School from 1968 to 1973, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Trying to contact Marilyn Wakeman can any one help. Cheers

17-Jul-2008 10:48:40

christine johnson (Nee randall)

johnocyp [at]


(At Kent School from 1970 to 1973, academic years: 2ND to 4TH)

O my god.....bored at work and did something I never ever do.....messed around on a computor....and found this...mentions of people I have the greatest of memories about.
Knocked around with Debbie Miller, Mo Robertson, Fiona Morrison, Jill Talbot (she boarded in UK) her dad lived on Bruggen tho...Carol Highmore and Dawn Johnston...Still see Jill Talbot, she came to visit me in Cyprus (where I now live selling Property ) last year.
Met up with Fiona a few years ago at Dawns house near Peterborough...
Have often wondered where everyone ended up.
Saw Andy Underdown and Pete Glanville in 75 while living in london...they were living in Southend-on-Sea....lost contact, then would u believe I ended up living there in the 80s.
I remember the good laughs we had, and Dawns sister Fiona causing a Major Alert on the Camp when her and Gail had written something naughty on the mirror in the ladies toilet in the pictures.....the officers mess summer ball had to be evacuated.....god bless em.

16-Jul-2008 15:53:55

Heather Baggaley (Nee Heather Eveson)

heatherbaggaley [at]

West Australia

(At Kent School from 1969 to 1976, academic years: 1ST to Upp6TH)

I am thrilled to find this site. What fantastic memories. I will be more constructive further down the road, however the reason I was trying to find the school was because I need to get copies of my qualifications and my Dad burned them years ago. I can't rememeber the exam boards we used at Kent - can anyone else?
Any help would be gratefully received.


15-Jul-2008 13:09:02

kerry west (Nee west)

ceriwst [at]


(At Kent School from 1971 to 1976, academic years: 1ST to 5TH)

boarder at Chatham house. Remember loads of people especially dorm mates Diane Whitworth, Debbie Samuels, Terry Miller, Lorna Brett, Lynn Page,Liz Newman Nuala Hearte. both head mistresses Buzzy buzwell and masher mayburry. Living in Mallorca with three sons. Love to hear from any of my old pals

13-Jul-2008 21:47:23

andrew paul dunlop

andiedunlop [at]


(At Kent School from 1974 to 1976, academic years: 2ND to 4TH)

anyone know me ?

11-Jul-2008 02:21:04

Dave Mac

(At Kent School from 1960 to 1977, academic years: 5TH to Lwr6TH)

As part of my preparations for Peru I am going to attempt the Lyke Wake Walk this coming Monday. For those who haven't heard of it, this walk is a complete traverse of the North Yorkshire Moors at their highest and widest. The distance is forty miles and the walk is to be completed within a 24 hour period. I am starting at 4am on Monday and plan to reach the finish within 16 hours. It looks like the weather is going to be poor and rain is forecast. So come on Kenties - please visit my sponsorship site and place a bit on me for The Fostering Network. I hope to report again on Tuesday.

04-Jul-2008 23:39:12

Dave Mac

(At Kent School from 1960 to 1977, academic years: 5TH to Lwr6TH)

Thanks for that - you are dead right - I think his first name was 'Barsteward' - saying that, I did actually learn something from him. I've just been to another school reunion at the place I attended before Kent and met up with a teacher from the 71 to 75 era - he was a real git and I felt justifed in telling him that even though he's now 80 - he did apologise but that could be because I'm now 6 foot and he appears to have shrunk to 5 foot! Some of the old boys would not go near him - even after 40 years - he was a real git! (A Welshman teaching at a Scottish school)

02-Jul-2008 19:26:40

Stephen Thorne

stetho [at] [at]

(At Kent School from 1960 to 1960, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

the V.E teacher for 5DE was Mr Birchall hope this helps Dave Mac

27-Jun-2008 23:59:55

Dave Mac

(At Kent School from 1960 to 1977, academic years: 5TH to Lwr6TH)

Mark said - "best teacher, my vehicle engineering teacher. He introduced himself to us with a baseball bat in hand. We all knew who the boss was"
I know exactly who you mean - I did my CEE (between a CSE and a O Level) Mech Eng with him - and it's been killing me that I can't remember his name. He was a real one-off and would end up in the pokie if teaching today - we need more like him. I'm going to have to dig about in the loft and see if I can find my Mech Eng report - he may have signed it - although it could just be a 'X' in someones blood! I remember my project - a gear box cut in half with one half made out of perspex so you could see the workings. I passed and then the next year the CEE was discontinued and my result was upgraded to an O Level. Happy Days.

17-Jun-2008 23:00:57

Mark Grayson

grys657 [at]


(At Kent School from 1975 to 1978, academic years: 2ND to 5TH)

Lived at Wildernrath July 75- July 78. Can remember some of the people who have posted here. Some good times, sky-larking in the dark corridor and cellars with some good people. The summers lasted forever in those days.

A few names that spring to mind are:
Neil Cuthbert, Phil DePledge, Jim Willis (I remeber his girlfriend but not her name. She was mad on Paul McCartney), William Carpenter, Diane Read, Debbie Neal. Trouble is the grey cells are dying too quick.

I would love to known what happened to a Canadian lass who fell under a tram in Belgium and was very badly hurt. Despite only knowing her for a few months she was a good friend and I have forgotten her name. I always felt guilty that I never tried hard enough to visit her in hospital.

Teachers I remember were Mrs Sainsbury, Mr Taylor, Mr Norman, Mr Featherstone and (although I forgot his name) the best teacher, my vehicle engineering teacher. He introduced himself to us with a baseball bat in hand. We all knew who the boss was. Not PC, but very effective.

Big sister Julie was in the year above me, she now lives in NZ.

15-Jun-2008 01:39:37

michelle clement (Nee harmer)

michelle_clement [at]

port talbot,
west glam

(At Kent School from 1983 to 1985, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

looked at the photos from the reunion. cried like a baby fab photos and great memories. my dorm in medway was 213 and can just bout see it in the pics. this has made my day thank you x

06-Jun-2008 12:07:18

yynda thomas (Nee bott)

yyndaj [at]


(At Kent School from 1983 to 1985, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

went to kent 83-85. lived in erklanz. remember coral, tiny fagan, anthony hopper, jamie moody (who could forget the shagging romeo!) had the best time ever. remeber getting drunk on budwizer at 10p a can from aldi - God they were the days! anyone remeber me?

03-Jun-2008 20:01:19

Maureen Campbell (Nee Campbell)

poppy2211 [at]

United Kingdom

(At Kent School from 1969 to 1970, academic years: 2ND to 3RD)

Hi Mary Shore. Obviously I'm slightly older than you {the years catch up with us all in the end} and I was at Kent school in 69 and 70. Just thought I would let you know that my Dad was stationed at S.H.A.P.E. and we also lived at Casteau homes; do you remember the 'lake'. It was at the top of the street we lived in. If I remember correctly it was just one name for the streets on the whole estate and it was called Avenue des Nations. It may have changed since I lived there. When I left Kent school I transferred to the Canadian Section at S.H.A.P.E. International School. If you fancy a chat about Casteau or whatever, let me know. It would be nice to talk to someone else that lived there. It all seems so long ago...

31-May-2008 23:20:59

Sheena Smith

ssm20512 [at]


(At Kent School from 1974 to 1978, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Hi to all those Kenties who might remember me, i certainly remember hanging around with Lee, Sharon, Karen Lowe, Jayne Pottinger, Jackie Scott. Would love to hear from all of you who remember !!!!

31-May-2008 15:00:11

sue jefferson (Nee sue martin)

s.j.jefferson [at]


(At Kent School from 1979 to 1980, academic years: 4TH to 5TH)

hi all i lived in st.tonis just outside krefeld.stepdad was 16 sig reg.was mates with lee gonthier,jayne pottinger and carolanne(can' remember her surname but she went out with darren whitehouse for ages) rmember both the whitehouse boys,andy wellings(used to go out with him)frank and chalky.didn't realise it at the time, but that was the happiest i was at school.shame to see it looking so rundown. well if anyone remembers me sy hi.:-) xxx

27-May-2008 04:08:55


neilhaden1 [at] [at]

(At Kent School from 1960 to 1960, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

My new email address i remember mr Rylance my class teacher mr cassidy Mr Donovan i had so many good times at school.Stayed in medway house with my brother phillip and also my older brother Richard.I remember some names Michael Haines David Morgan Kevin Gough TANK Mr Mcdonald Rebecca Hallet love to hear from anyone from the 80s

26-May-2008 22:33:57

Lisa Marie Smith (Nee Foulks)

lmsmith568 [at]


(At Kent School from 1981 to 1984, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

Moved to Dusseldorf from N.Ireland attending Kent School. Was a day student but had friends who were borders - ironically when we left in 1984 we moved to Kent in UK. Parents still live there but I moved to Gloucestershire with my then partner, had 2 daughters in 1994 & 1997, we got married in 2000 and now have another daughter born in 2007. Just become a grandmother - before I hit "The BIG 40" on 29th May - my stepdaughter had a daughter.
Have been trying to get back in touch with some mates from the 80's - Suzanne Browne, Tina Crossley, Tracey Speakman to name a few.

26-May-2008 09:50:29

Neil Haden

neilhaden1 [at] [at]


(At Kent School from 1984 to 1986, academic years: 3RD to 4TH)


25-May-2008 21:15:14


theresascott [at] [at]


(At Kent School from 1966 to 1968, academic years: 5TH to Upp6TH)

Hello everyone, how wonderful to hear this site exists. Some of my school friends were Rena Coppard, Janet Fisher, Denise Wilson, Johnathan Kilburn, John Robertson. Dad was a Warrant Officer at Bruggen. Never reall kept in touch after moving to Australia. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

22-May-2008 10:07:23

mary shore (Nee shore)

scarym123 [at] [at]


(At Kent School from 1981 to 1983, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

4got 2 say that i was the diabetic. any1 remember big & small sister smith? big sister smiths nickname was knuckles.
my dates of attendance might be slightly blurred, but 1m 34 now!
my dad was stationed in SHAPE.
casteau homes! x x

22-May-2008 00:46:38

mary shore (Nee shore)

scarym123 [at] [at]


(At Kent School from 1985 to 1987, academic years: 1ST to 2ND)

im trying to find sarah king, julie wilson and hayley adams that attended kent with me. we all shared a dorm at chatham when the bomb blew our windows out. julie had a big sis called heather.i had a wee bro called robert.x

22-May-2008 00:04:11

Steffanie Austin (Nee Ward)

steffanieaustin [at]


(At Kent School from 1967 to 1969, academic years: 2ND to 3RD)

Only just found this site - not many of us oldies on here but anyone remember the late 60's?

21-May-2008 19:08:05

Julie Fuller (Nee Satterthwaite)

andrew1fuller [at]


(At Kent School from 1980 to 1984, academic years: 3RD to Lwr6TH)

Been a long time since school, hung around with Jill Johnson and load of others, Dave Stinton, Smurf, Russ Flint, etc. So many, so long ago can't remember all. All the girls and boy in px rooms, great day. At school Charlie and Julie, good days. At Weeze and Laarbruch, hope to hear from someone.

07-May-2008 21:28:30




(At Kent School from 1982 to 1985, academic years: 2ND to 5TH)


07-May-2008 13:43:00

james thomas guthrie

jim_2452 [at]


(At Kent School from 1971 to 1973, academic years: 1ST to 3RD)

hi my name is Jim guthrie i attended kent from 1971-1973 i would like to get in touch with anyone who new me or my sister Christine. people i have in mind Chris and Teresa Miller. Keith Alistair Burgess and many more please get in touch

07-May-2008 13:27:54

Dave McElhoney

(At Kent School from 1960 to 1977, academic years: 5TH to Lwr6TH)

Subject: Sponsorship Request - The Fostering Network
Hi guys - I see Colin has put my Fund Raising Link on the front page of the KSA website. Thanks Colin, most unexpected. I just thought I'd add a message here and ask directly for your help and sponsorship for this trek.

The plan is for me to complete the Inca Trail in Peru during October 2008, climbing 12,000 feet, trekking through the Andes to Macchu Picchu. The aim is to raise over 3,000 to support the Fostering Network's work with fostered children and young people across the UK. My wife and I are foster carers (we have a wee monster/little darling (depends on the moon cycle) with us at the moment)and the Network are a great help to all involved with Fostering in the UK (so your sponsorship will help kids in your area as well).

I am hoping that you may be able to sponsor me and although I realise you must receive many such requests during the course of a year I do hope that you will be able to help. Please dig deep and sponsor me online
I am not looking for alot - a couple of pounds or a fiver will be as greatfully appreciated as the larger donations.

Come on Kenties - please help.

Best Wishes and Regards

Dave Mac

02-May-2008 23:29:22

Eve Hepworth (Nee Hepworth)

evehepworth [at]


(At Kent School from 1982 to 1984, academic years: 1ST to 3RD)

I was just looking at the web page, I saw a photo of Iain Turunski (I think), I have had contact from a few ex kenties, and am still looking for others, Ann caster, Paula Johnson, tank, anyone else who knows me.

Take care Eve xx

02-May-2008 16:28:56

Bill Jordan

jjordan865 [at]

west sussex

(At Kent School from 1971 to 1973, academic years: 3RD to Lwr6TH)

I have a pic of the school badge ,what is the email address do I send it to ?

30-Apr-2008 16:07:21

Lynne Moore (Nee Moody)

darlynne [at]

St Andrews,

(At Kent School from 1984 to 1987, academic years: 2ND to 4TH)

Hi All I arrived at Kent in my second year which was approx 1984, was terrified of the buildings, it was lashing down with rain and the place looked so dreary, I remember Mr Staunton (cos he didnt like my sense of humour too much eek) and then in third year, my tutor was miss Lafferty, brilliant teacher I owe her so much. My favourite lessons were PE RE and Art, Miss Ager took me for English but she didnt like me very much either (pattern forming here?) I used to be good pals with Jamie Wride, Ben Chapman, Diana Dunk, Debbie Deane, Kirsty Lewis, Sanjay Mohindra, eek memory is fading! I also had a lot of older friends Lynn Miller, Shaz Slorence, Cheryl Ford and Mike Whitelaw was like a big brother to me, also Tank was too. Remember Miss Lafferty's dog LAD god did he have bad breath, god help you if she caught you eating in class - press ups to her count whilst the dog tried to snog you! best wishes to all fellow Kent friends it was a great experience xx love Lynne xx (also known as Dimps or Moods!)

27-Apr-2008 23:40:46

maureen campbell (Nee campbell)

poppy2211 [at]


(At Kent School from 1969 to 1970, academic years: 2ND to 3RD)

Hi Carolyn. Thanks for replying. I honestly would be surprised if anyone remembered me. Sad really! You were right about the little sisters. Susan was the same age as my sister Denise. My parents were stationed at SHAPE and we had been accepted at the Canadian Section of the International school and the Little sisters had been turned down. Thats why there was a fight. It was hilarious. Did you ever go on the midsummer night trek with Miss
oriarty (can't remember her married name}. If its any help, I was the one ususally stuck in the prep room doing everyone elses homework. That earned me the nickname of Penelope, why I don't know. Do you remember Tony Hansom? Always had a crush on him. If you remember anymore names let me know. Take care

27-Apr-2008 21:40:43

Carolyn Aldridge (Nee Ossie Noakes)

carolyn 1901 [at]


(At Kent School from 1969 to 1975, academic years: 1ST to Lwr6TH)

Cant say I remember you Maureen - but I do remember the Little sisters. Ann was quite large and Sue was tiny with very curly hair

27-Apr-2008 16:01:57

Maureen Campbell (Nee Campbell)

poppy2211 [at]

United Kingdom

(At Kent School from 1969 to 1970, academic years: 2ND to 3RD)

Just found the site.Such a surprise to see so many familiar names. Have no doubt that no one remembers me as I tended to fade into the background until the day of my fight in the foyer of chatham with the sisters ann and susan little. Was very pleased that the guys from Deal were cheering me on. That little escapade got me loss of privelidges for two weeks. Happy days!!!!

27-Apr-2008 00:16:02

Gary Warner



(At Kent School from 1974 to 1977, academic years: 2ND to 5TH)

Good to see the site is still up and running. Good memories of the old place, sad to see the state of it now. Lived on Bruggen and spent most of my evenings down the youth club and in the summer round the pool. Hung around with Dave Davies. I remember Bev and Andrea Moir, the Skidmores, the Potters, Mark and Vanness. As I say, good memories.

25-Apr-2008 21:41:49

Annegret Mabbett (Nee Ramsay)

anna.kate.danny [at]


(At Kent School from 1975 to 1979, academic years: 4TH to Lwr6TH)

Hi, had fond memories of Kent School. Attended a reunion up in York in the 80's, those attended that I remember were: Jenny Wing, Nicole Sanford, Pauline Hartley, my ex husband (Peter Mabbett) and a few others. Would like to know if anyone out there remembers moir? Didn't know this web page existed, until I looked through Friends Reunited.

20-Apr-2008 20:39:04

debbie chadwick (Nee thorne)

debchad61 [at]


(At Kent School from 1976 to 1980, academic years: 3RD to Lwr6TH)

hi my name is debbie thorne,i have 2 brothers stephen,andrew and a sister cheryl.we lived in leipziger strausse,st tonis,nr krefeld.i loved going to kent school,and we had a fab time in germany.anyone remembers me please get in touch.
kindest regards debbie
i remember the yarnells,bob i assume you maybe robert you lived in the next block of flats to us,you used to knock about with our ste.

20-Apr-2008 00:14:14

Srephen Thorne

stetho [at]


(At Kent School from 1976 to 1980, academic years: 4TH to Upp6TH)

First off i would like to thank everyone who put the pictures of the school up sad to see but it faired better than me lol hello to bob yarnel i also lived in leipziger strasse do you remember tony marland,ian anderson his sister lorrainne and paul hindle? i have recent photos of the strasse its changed a lot does anybody remember the car we turned into a pickup then drove it round the school? also does anybody remember mr leeming german teacher? well good to find out colditz is`nt forgotten.To everyone that remembers me hi long time no see.Does anybody else have any text books or is it just me as i have my vehicle engeering one complete with an exam paper don`t ask y as i don`t know but now i`m glad top job on the site guys.

19-Apr-2008 20:35:49

Party Jane Braithwaite (Nee Connelly)

Janemargaretuk [at]

(At Kent School from 1970 to 1975, academic years: 2ND to Lwr6TH)

Hi Chris
I was the one with very ginger hair. I was friends with Karen Schemeld and Diane Nuttal and later with Linda Hewitt.I also worked in the Maidstone Munchbar lunchtimes, and boogied away at the Rochester Disco at too! How I loved that! There is a photo of me taken when I was in the 6th form in the photo gallery. Its amazing how I thought I would remember everyone forever - but alas time has dulled some things - like names, but I do remember in very clear focus my time at Kent.

11-Apr-2008 21:19:22

Heidi Norman

(At Kent School from 1960 to 1960, academic years: 1ST to 1ST)

Hi Terry, my messages are going out on the net. How do I delete. Help

11-Apr-2008 16:54:35

Chris Andrews

candrews5 [at]

(At Kent School from 1970 to 1972, academic years: 1ST to 4TH)

Just read some posts lower down from Mark Tucker and Jane Braithwaite. I was in Miss Boardman's german class when the stink bomb went off. I remember you Mark, weren't you related to a member of Sweet and used to get free singles? Sorry Jane, but I've only a vague picture of you in my mind. People I do remember from those years are Brian Coulson, Gourley? John Tomney, Theresa Banks, Penny Andrews amongst others.
I remember Took (Beard and Glasses). Mr Redman, and lots of other teachers, in fact I've loads of memories of Germany.
I lived in Geilenkirchen, we never moved onto a camp in those three years. I had two brothers at Kent, the elder was known as "Taff" and I was known as "Angus" (because I'm Welsh!)

11-Apr-2008 16:11:16

Pauline Gordon (Nee Reilly)

paulareilly [at]


(At Kent School from 1986 to 1989, academic years: 3RD to 5TH)

Hi Everyone

Love the site. I have really good memories from my time at Kent/Windsor school. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me, my sister Christine and brothers Danny & Sean. We used to bus in from Krefeld, St Tonis.

My brother went to the old school last year and he said it was in a state. He said it was strange as his step-daughter just started Windsor school so he showed her where is used to be before moving to JHQ.

Are any of the old staff still working at the school? I heard Mr Martin was still in JHQ and Ms Hall.


11-Apr-2008 11:46:39

steve hayes and donna hayes

steveinit [at] [at]


(At Kent School from 1976 to 1981, academic years: 1ST to Lwr6TH)

hi to you all, can any body remeber me i lived in shape for 2 years woz a border at deal house i ran for the school in the 800m and 1500m the best in the school 2ud and 1st year boys, my best mates at the time woz brendon edghill and nigil perkins my sister donna went to chatham house dont no her friends, i remeber my 1st yrar class 1DR and my 3rd year 3DB had some good times there. names i can remeber james cow-e, martin lacklison, kevin kenright, OH no my minds gone again.( im the one with the tand skin some one must no me my nick name woz hanable hayes ).

09-Apr-2008 23:56:22


neilhaden1 [at]


(At Kent School from 1983 to 1985, academic years: 3RD to 4TH)


09-Apr-2008 21:09:13

Lindy Chapman (Nee jones)

lynne661 [at]


(At Kent School from 1979 to 1982, academic years: 2ND to 5TH)

great to see old pics of school shame its in a mess. Anyone remember me please get in touch.

08-Apr-2008 13:21:45

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