Our purpose

Why do we have a Kent School Association and what are we hoping to achieve by linking up all these ex-Kenty folk?

1) Increase social links

Like Friends Reunited, the association hopes to be a point of contact for members and ex-pupils and help to trace people.

The website will also be updated to include a "members only" area where ex-Kenty's parties, tickets going for music or sports events can be offered and other social gatherings arranged. The Association wants to be organisers of more than just brilliant reunions!

2) More adventurous reunions

It is hoped that in 2005 or 2006 we will have a reunion in Germany. Venues in Hostert, Rheindahlen and even Roermond have already been discussed. This is a great leap of faith for the committee and knowing that we have a committed band of members behind us should allow us to go for the spectacular!

One of the key features of the reunions to date has been the goody bag and the Association will continue to design and provide merchandise for ex-Kenties.

3) Keeping in contact

The Association has built a website to provide ex-Kenties with an online chat facility so that they can keep in touch on a regular basis - as well as keep up-to-date on any relevant news. We also produce newsletters throughout the year.

4) Being nice

The Association continues to raise money for charities and good causes - see Kenty News for more information on that! At this year's reunion we managed to raise over £200 for charity.

5) Discounts!

Once we have a critical mass of members - unfortunately measured by numbers of bodies rather than alcohol consumption - then we can look at the Association cards offering discounts at High Street stores. This may include places like Threshers of course ... we'll keep you posted on developments!

The formal Association constitution (for those who like reading that kind of stuff)

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